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Pocket Frogs FREE Update: Habitats Now Up To 16! Time For Tiny Tower Break

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Spotify iPhone And US Arrive: How To Get In FREE Without Invite Codes!

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Street Fighter IV: Volt Review: Everything Is Better Online

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9mm, Captain America iPhone, Hungry Chicks And More New Releases!

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Apple Patents Visualize File Transfer

As found by Patently Apple, a new patent application from Apple shows a neat idea for sharing data between devices, specifically metaphorical gestures. The patent proposes several gestures to “pour” or “vacuum’ data, adding a visual touch to data transfer between devices. Of course, we already have something similar on the AppStore, with apps like Bump  that [...]

EA Adquires PopCap For $750 Million – Welcome to the EA Family!

Speculation that PopCap might be getting acquired began last month when TechCrunch posted a mystery buyer might be acquiring Popcap for as much as $1.3b. The official news finally broke out yesterday, with the mystery buyer being EA, and the hefty price tag being $750 million. Why adquire Popcap? I think it’s best if we just let EA CEO [...]

Game Dev Story 2 Coming Soon – Leaderboards and More

Kairosoft has been on a roll lately with iPhone games, but PocketGamer has some really exciting news: a peak at some features of Game Dev Story 2. Screenshot from the PC Version We all loved the original (heck, coincidentally I started playing it again last night). Now with the news of shared employees and leaderboards, we [...]

Agent Squeak is Now SPY mouse – Coming This Summer

A while back Firemint first teased their new upcoming game, Agent Squeak. A lot has happened since then (including Firemint being acquired by EA), but there’s finally new news. The game has been renamed to SPY mouse, and the above trailer has been released. According to Rob Murray, director of Firemint (Real Racing , Real Racing 2 [...]

iPhone 6, iPad 3 Feature? Apple Looking Into Wireless Charging And WiTricity

No, it’s not something out of Star Trek. Following up what we posted about Apple looking into new methods of charging, it looks like we might have more details on it. It seems like Apple may be interested in WiTricity, a startup company that’s been making significant progress in wireless electricity. WiTricity is based on [...]

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 For iPhone 4, iPad 2 And More

Apple has posted a new beta of iOS 5 up in the Dev Center for all it’s developers. Like all the previous betas, they’re out for all currently supported devices. Like always, this is a beta so we don’t recommend you install it unless you are a developer. The build number for the beta is [...]

iPhone 5 Release Date News Break: iPod Touch 5 To Get 3G!

Do you need a break from all the iPhone 5 news and reports you’ve been hearing lately? Well this sure is worthy of a break eh… 9to5Mac reports that Dutch blog is running a report claiming the next generation iPod Touch (5, 5G?) will have 3G data connectivity. This would move the iPod from being [...]

Cars 2 Review: Just Like The Movie, It May Suck But It’s Fun For Kids

Cars was one of the best PIXAR movies in general, but the sequel has been panned by numerous critics. How’s this iPhone counterpart? Cars 2 ($0.99) “Join Lightning McQueen, Mater and two new characters from Disney • Pixar’s feature film in a fun platform racing game. Your mission in Cars 2 is to complete each [...]

iPad HD (iPad 2 Pro) Scheduled Alongside iPhone 5 Release Date This Fall, iPad 3 Next Year!

The rumor mill rolled out an interesting one with this one. This is my next is adding to the reports of a retina iPad later this year, but with a twist. The device would be the “iPad HD“, and wouldn’t be the next iPad so to speak, but sold to exist alongside with the iPad [...]

Forget iPhone 5 Release Date, iPhone 6 To Introduce New Charging Methods

Adding on to what they had already reported, The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple has ambitious plans for the 2012 iPhone (yes we’re calling these by year now, get with the program), including a new way of charging. According to them, Apple has been experimenting with various changes to introduce a new way of charging. Investors [...]

Angry Birds Seasons FREE Space Level In Time For Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch!

Houston, we have a problem: there are birds in the space shuttle! Sadly, that didn’t happen today at the final shuttle launch, but it is happening on your phone. Today’s summer level for Angry Birds Seasons  is a low gravity space themed level. In case you’ve been living under a rock, today was the last [...]