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Compose Multitrack Music and Loops for Free With studio.M

Budding music creators looking to create for multitrack recording on the go have a new option to turn to: studio.M. This app, designed primarily for electronic music composition, and working with loops. The app allows for recording of audio through the microphone, to record vocals, beatboxing, or any other interesting sounds users may generate coming [...]

Weave Adds New Functionality For To Do Lists

Weave is a To Do list app. We’ve all seen those before but Weave offers some fundamental differences. Instead of solely tracking what needs doing, it also keeps notes on income, expenses, projects and time spent making it an ideal way of keeping track of mostly everything any user could need. The appearance resembles a [...]

Cave Bowling, Paracute: FREE iPhone Games From Donut Games Again

Donut Games is one of the few that likes to give away their amazing games for FREE every now and then. They’ve gone bonkers again as they’ve dropped these two to free: Cave Bowling “Warp back in time and join our forefathers in an exciting PHYSICS game of Cave Bowling! Simply set aim with your [...]

Three for Free During the Donut Games Crazy Summer Sale

Just as they did about a year ago, Donut Games is throwing a “Crazy Summer” sale and offering up 3 of their titles for free for a limited time. What is especially cool about this deal is that all 3 of these games are among the back catalog of Donut games that have recently been [...]

Pokemon iPhone App Releasing This Summer For FREE (Maybe iPad Too)!

We all know that Pokemon is mostly associated with Nintendo having been an exclusive for their consoles for many many years now, so you might initially think this report is false. Kotaku Japan reports that an official Pokemon iPhone app is coming this Summer for FREE! “Nintendo and Game Freak are *finally* releasing an official [...]

Battle Bears BLAST No Longer FREE, Made Better, Will Release July 12

SKYVU Pictures previously told us during GDC 2011 that this upcoming game will be FREE. As with game development, things can change. In this instance, it looks like Battle Bears BLAST has been packed with even more features and thus warrants the $0.99 pricetag. “Simple, fun and addictive, BLAST is the world’s first one-handed casual shooter perfect [...]

Creatures & Castles, Orbital Defender: FREE iPhone Games Today Only

I hope you all had a great and safe Fourth of July. It’s time to get back to work today for most of us, but here are some FREE games to get you through the day: Creatures & Castles “Arcade-puzzle game in which you help a young treasure hunter steal vast quantities of treasure from [...]

Gravity Guy iPhone Is FREE Today, Miniclip Says Happy Fourth! is one of the most visited websites for Flash games. They’ve had a pretty great catalog and success on the iOS especially with Fragger . Because it’s Fourth of July today, they want to celebrate by dropping Gravity Guy to the whopping price of FREE. “Being chased by Gravity troops, Gravity Guy can’t stop, [...]

FMX Riders: Kick Off Your Fourth With An Explosive Game For FREE!

Since it’s Fourth of July tomorrow, many great iOS games are either on sale or completely free. This next game is the latter. Download FMX Riders from The Quadsphere has dropped it to FREE for a limited time. “Whether it’s going through the World Circuit Career mode, challenging your friends with your best Replays/Ghosts, fighting [...]

Trucks and Skulls NITRO: Angry Birds Goes Rock And Roll, FREE This Weekend!

While I’m seriously against developers reskinning Angry Birds as they always fail, Appy Entertainment has done a great job of taking actual inspiration off that game instead of just introducing a new theme. Check out Trucks and Skulls NITRO for FREE: Demolish skull fortifications on Hell’s Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, Industrial Armageddon, Demon Town, Iceopolis, [...]

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance: Hating NFL Lockout? Get This FREE Today Only

Since both NBA and NFL are on lockouts, a lot of sports fans are left pissed off and wondering if and when they’ll see any games this coming season. If you’re one of the bunch, why not download Backbreaker 2: Vengeance which is FREE this weekend! “The million-selling Backbreaker Football is back with a vengeance [...]

AppShopper App Updated with Ratings, Reviews, and More

In case you didn't know, TouchArcade is part of one big happy internet family with MacRumors which is the place to go for Apple news and rumors as well as AppShopper which catalogs the App Store and actually provides quite a bit of the glue behind the scenes that makes a lot of things on [...]

Order & Chaos Online: First FREE Update Focuses On New Quests, Armors, Fixes

As promised by Gameloft when they said they’ll build on the great start of their hit MMORPG game Order & Chaos Online , the FREE update to existing subscribers went live last night. If you bought the game when it first released, you should still be within your free three months. “The 1st update of [...]

CityVille Hometown iOS From Zynga Lands For FREE: Build The Best City!

Have you been waiting for Zynga to unleash another one of their addicting Facebook games? That day has finally arrived, but you have to start over on the iOS. Download CityVille Hometown for FREE on the App Store right now! “Help a cast of delightful characters, follow their stories, and be rewarded with special items. [...]

‘Ballistik Wars’ Review – PONOS Wages a Castle War

The cliché that nothing good in life is free can be especially true when it comes to to iOS games. Sure, every once in a while you stumble across a truly great free title, but there almost always is a catch. In the case of Ponos' Ballistik Wars [Free], the catch is simple: it's ad-supported. For [...]

‘Puzzle Family’ Has The Craziest Trailer Ever

It’s a shame that we received this announcement of Puzzle Family after our podcast was recorded for the week. Instead of the Bungie Aerospace news, this game and it’s insane trailer would have been the leading story of the bunch. Before I delve into the specifics, take a gander at the trailer. It's better to [...]

Smurfs’ Village FREE Summer Update Arrives Without Katy Perry, Boo!

CAPCOM was successful in infiltrating the freemium iOS market especially with their banner FREE game, Smurfs’ Village . If you’re one of the many waiting for an update, rejoice as land has arrived! It’s not just land they’re bringing to you this time, the BEACH as well! “Smurfs Up! Our latest update adds some beachfront [...]

‘CityVille Hometown’ Hits the App Store; Doesn’t Connect to Your Existing City?

I know it's all the rage these days to get down on Zynga for their timesink-centric free to play Facebook games, but they are responsible for some ridiculous numbers. CityVille in specific is responsible for nearly 2.4m "Likes" on Facebook, and according to Wikipedia was Zynga's biggest game launch and has set the record for [...]

Compression HD Gets Support for iCade

The iPad arcade cabinet, the iCade, has finally gotten an SDK released for it, or at least the manufacturers confirmed the Bluetooth keyboard commands that will allow third-party games to support iCade controls in their own games. One of the first games to support iCade controls is Little White Bear’s puzzler, Compression HD. By enabling [...]

Mobile Printing From OfficeMax’s Print Center

One of the many useful things about the iPad and iPhone is that they save on needing to print things out. Notes and directions can simply be consulted from the portable device and in many ways, it’s far superior to a piece of paper. Even some tickets can be accepted via an iOS device as [...]

‘Gun Bros’ Gets Online Co-Op And New Challenges In Update

Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros [Free] now has even more features, including a real-time co-op element that’s sure to tickle fans of the F2P dual-stick shooter. Available this morning, the update adds “BRO-OP,” the long-awaited co-op compliment to the game that, before, had to lean on imported AI copies of friends. The mode supports play over [...]

MedCoach Helps Users Keep Track of Their Medications on iOS

GreatCall make a cell phone called the Jitterbug, which is designed to be a basic and easy-to-use phone for people who don’t need all the advanced features that modern smartphones have. However, for people that do have those modern smartphones with all those advanced features, GreatCall have released an app called MedCoach which is designed [...]

MedCoach Helps Users Keep Track of Their Medications on iOS

GreatCall make a cell phone called the Jitterbug, which is designed to be a basic and easy-to-use phone for people who don’t need all the advanced features that modern smartphones have. However, for people that do have those modern smartphones with all those advanced features, GreatCall have released an app called MedCoach which is designed [...]

Tweetbot FREE Update Adds Favstar Support, Bug Fixes And More

It’s been a while since we covered Tweetbot here [Review,  ], so I figured (me being the resident Tweetbot user) that I’d step in and change that, starting with today’s 1.3 update. Tweetbot 1.3 adds a new easy way to change between accounts on the app, Favstar support, and more. Full details after the break. [...]

Cross Fingers Goes FREE For A Limited Time, EDGE Extended Announced

Fresh from their victory against Langdell’s lawsuit with regards to everyone who used the word “edge” in their game, Mobigame is back kicking and screaming. First off, their game Cross Fingers has been dropped to FREE for a limited time. Cross Fingers is another masterpiece from the twisted minds who brought us EDGE by Mobigame [...]

Call of Atlantis, Dogfight 1951: FREE iPhone Games Today Only

Congratulations everyone! It’s Wednesday already, and we’re half way to our long Independence weekend. Want more good news? Here are your FREE games today. Call of Atlantis “Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3 and Adventure from Playrix, the creators of Fishdom. Embark on a fascinating tile-swapping journey around [...]

Fring iPhone, iPad: FREE Update Brings First Group Video Calling To iOS!

There are a couple of limitations right now with Apple’s very own FaceTime technology. First is that it can’t be used using 3G, and it currently doesn’t support group video calling. Fring has been offering full online support for a while now while the latest FREE update adds the latter! “The ONLY Group Video chat [...]

Cars 2 iPhone Game, Movie Both Top The Charts: The King Is Lightning McQueen

Even though Cars 2 the movie went on to become the worst reviewed Disney/Pixar movie of all time on, the movie itself was a huge hit. Disney has a LOT more to be thankful as the accompanying iPhone game Cars 2 is at the top of the Paid Games as well! “Join Lightning McQueen, [...]

‘Tiny Tower’ Update Fixes Crashes

Since NimbleBit's Tiny Tower [Free] launched last week, it has become their most successful game yet. As of this writing, the game has been downloaded 1,230,688 times and is seeing a surprisingly high 2.6% in-app purchase conversion rate which is nearly double that of their previous title, Pocket Frogs [Free]. Over 18 million sessions have [...]

Chaos Rings Ω FREE Update Ups Level Cap, Add Bosses And More Loot!

When Chaos Rings Ω launched, Square Enix revealed a packed schedule for updates to the game to continually up the level cap, add bosses, and more loot. This first FREE update brings the aforementioned new features for more fun! Visuals and Audio are what you would expect from Square-Enix, top notch for an iOS game. The [...]